Brad Broussard

Not paid what I was promised


My Complaint: I was told by Brad who is the manager for Kemper Reserve National insurance company in the north GA area that he would split 50/50 every insurance plan we sold together while I was training under him.

I drove over an hour from my home to meet him and travel all across the north GA area sometimes 2 hours to go see a prospect. We made sales. some very good commissions were earned. (by Brad) I had not yet been appointed (got my writing number from the company). Remember Brad told me he would split with me 50/50 every plan sold.

Well he didn’t pay me one cent when he should have paid me around $1,500.00

When I asked what the *#_- he told me “Your name was not on ANY contract that was sold I owe you nothing”

When I called the company to ask to speak with Mr. Kemp Cole SR VP of Marketing and Agency’s he would not

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Bud4High Marijuana Dispensary Review

I got on their website and place my order. I did exactly like they said and went to Western Union and wired them $481. The next day they sent me shipping information. I soon realized I should be company was fake. I emailed them anyway for them to send me an email back and four hundred more dollars to ship my package. I refuse to pay it and told the company to ship FedEx or UPS. Needless to say it’s been two weeks now and I have not received my product or refund. The company will no longer answer my calls or respond to my emails. They are scammers.

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Automotive Finance Corporation

Predatory loan fraud , collecting auction check from sales of my automobile and not credit my bank for overage , withdraw funds for automobiles without titles , asking for blank checks signed on weekly bases and keeping several check at any moment. Over charging hundreds and hundreds car without my knowledge for years . | Did you know , one sided contract you signed only can be challenged in Hamilton county , Indiana ? This company involved in predatory lending and located in Indiana with very lax laws for corporation? Did you know ,you give them right to up your monthly charges anytime they decide to without your contest or notification ? That’s why they always ask for more blank signed check ? Did you know they just add anything they want to your check without your knowledge ? Where the hell attorney general of state to look over this guy ? In their pocket . theft money from my account by cashing signed blank checks

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Republic Services — Trash Service | Republic Services

Republic Services had been our trash provider for years. The past few years their customer service has went down hill. I’m not sure if the ownership changed or what has happened. I have had to call several times due to missed pickups to be told it would be rescheduled then not come until the following week or that the driver did not pick up due to us having more than allowed when we only had the bin that was provided. They keep adding late fees when the bill was paid on time. I called and spoke with Marcus and Carol both of which advised that they did not see why a late fee had been added to begin with an was advised that late fee would be removed but hasn’t. We had finally had enough and cancelled our service in June 2020. They are still billing me for late fees and now they have added another charge for picking up their own trash bin. When I cancelled the service I was told that their trash bin would be picked up 7/7 however it sat at the end of our driveway for weeks before t

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Amazon — Delivery |

Amazon delivery service is the absolute worst. First, my apartment complex has package lockers for the deliverers to put the packages in, but when the packages get full, instead of taking them to the front office or to your door, they leave the packages out in the open. Second, my apartment complex is next to a hotel and sometimes they leave the packages at the hotel instead of the apartment even though my address literally says Apt #XXX. I had a package that says it was delivered to a front desk or reception on 10/8/2020 but my apartment leasing office never received it. I called and complained to Amazon but they refuse to refund me my money for the package I never got or send me replacement items. Instead, they say that I have to file a police report in order for the investigation to go any further. This is completely outrageous and ridiculous!

Lone Mountain Truck Leasing — Condition of Lease Trucks | Lone Mountain Truck Leasing

The following is an email I sent to Lone Mountain regarding the multiple issues: Invoice copies are available.


As we discussed, here are the invoices of all the breakdowns since I leased the 2016 PB 579. I have also attached a spreadsheet detailing the repair costs, amount covered by the warranty that I purchased, rental truck and towing costs, and the amount the down time cost me (when operating properly, the truck makes a minimum of $1, 000 a day before expenses)

The truck currently has 444, 191 miles, which is not considered middle aged for a heavy duty truck. Of course some maintenance and repair issues are to be expected with any truck, new or used. But had Lone Mountain performed due diligence in examining this truck, its mechanics could have easily detected the major defects, especially the Transmission, Exhaust Manifold, and ABS Harness. The mechanics who did the repairs told me that these faults were present at the time of lease, but were clear

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Glade — Glade sense and spray refill | Glade

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you to raise an issue about: In-store shopping

The issue that I have experienced was: Last year, I bought a Glade sense and spray refill, I kept it in my washroom, on 16Oct 2020 I decided to use it.

It occurred on: 16/10/2020

This meant that Once I opened it, I was holding the canister ready to put it in the plug in, when it exploded, and the canister hit me hard in my chest, it was an awful scary bang and thump in my chest, I was so frightened, my daughter came running as she heard the almighty bang, my chest was hurting as it felt like some one had punched me, when my daughter looked at my chest she said my you bleeding!! The canister hit me so hard it bruised, cut and burnt me, I did not know what to do, so I wet it with water, and that night I could not sleep, as the pain was so bad, !!!

I wanted to let Tesco know what has happened, so they can contact Glade, I want Tesco or Glade to compensat

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Game Stores South Africa / — Hisense fridge | Game Stores South Africa /

I ordered a Hisense Fridge online on the 6th of October till today I haven’t received it. Game has made no effort to contact me instead I am the one who has been calling Game to find out what is going on …only to be told today the truck was hijacked. Why was the Fridge not delivered to me during the time we agreed on in the first place. I have been calling Game but I feel they are not doing enough to ensure I get my order. I don’t recommend anyone to buy anything from Game online

Customer Service

9th Floor, North Tower, Liberty Towers (formerly BP Centre), 214 Samora Machel Street (previously Aliwal Street)
South Africa


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Affordable Spa Covers — false advertising | Affordable Spa Covers

I ordered a hot tub cover from Affordable Spa Covers on August 20th. The website claimed to fulfill the order in 6-8 weeks. I called around September 20th and was told that they had cut the vinyl for the cover, and to check back in another 4 weeks for more updated information. I called again today 10-20-20 and was told that they haven’t started manufacturing the cover, the vinyl has not been cut and that I should check back in December. They are currently taking 16 weeks or more to process orders. If I wanted a refund, they would keep at least $150 of my payment that was processed the day after my order. I was also told that this operator that I was speaking with had called all of her competitors and was told that the timeframe for them was the same, approximately 16 weeks or more.

Customer Service

4401 112th Terrace Suite № A
Clearwater, Florida
United States – 33762

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Bank of America — They closed my account for fraud | Bank of America

I have had a BOA account for several years. I opened my account when I lived in Missouri. I now live in TN and have been for 4 years. On 9/18/20 BOA Closed my account without any warning because I was receiving unemployment from Tx. The company I worked for is in Tx and paid our unemployment to that state. I have called many times trying to resolve the issue and get my money back. I have proof that my unemployment is a legitimate claim, and told them that I can provide it to them. I have my furlough paper work and last years taxes to show them where I worked and that unemployment was being paid to TX. They are still holding my money and said they can do so for 120 days. Everything I had was in that account including money from auto insurance policy where my daughter had totaled my car. I no longer have a way to pay my bills or replace my car. they said they are going to send it to unemployment. They are still holding it. I have called Unemployment many times checking to see if it ha

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