Pro Advanced Muscle Review

I purchased a one time sample for $5.99 from Pro Advaced Muscle. I promptly received the product and sampled it. I found the supplements to be ineffective to me. I did not think much more of it, until 2 months later when I realized my account was being charges $66.00 each month by this same Company. | I attempted to call them several times without success. until today. I called around 11:55pm, and a female answered. I explained to her my situation and she responded by explaining, when I purchased the initial bottle I also signed up for a membership which required monthly dues. As much as I attemped to plea my case she did not understand. | I did not realized that by simply purchasing a sample product I was also signing up for monthly dues. Who in their right mind would agree to that. I became frustrated and ended up cutting my losses. The female assured me the monthly subscription would be cancelled. I asked the female call taker where she was located and she would not tell me, whi

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Columbine Health Systems Fort Collins Colorado

Complaint: When my mother’s condition was changed to hospice care, her condition at Columbine Health System deteriorated and she died, I felt, pre-maturely. After my mother was officially placed onto a hospice level of care, the powers that be at Columbine were determined to make her eat, drink, bath, toilet and get dressed as she always had prior and get up and be up daily. Then one day when an attempt was made to stand her up and dress her, she fell face first and hit the floor. She suffered a substantial contusion and head injury. This brought my mother un-needed pain in her remaining days of life and cut her life shorter. The Columbine management simply said, in regards to my mother’s passing that she was on hospice anyway. I cannot recommend this organization to family, friends or anyone for the care of their aged loved one.

Tags: Nursing Homes

Address: 947 Worthington Circle Fort Collins, Colorado USA

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Tavakul Kaekul dba Tav Design Long Beach California Review

We were introduced to Tavakul Kaekul dba Tav Design, Los Angeles, CA (u201cTav Kaekulu201d) in late 2014 through a long time, trusted friend of the family; she apparently previously worked with Tav Kaekul and knew him well. She was a very close friend of the family and her experience and recommendation was the pivotal reason we felt comfortable moving forward with Tav Kaekul. In January 2015, we hired Tav Kaekul to conduct a complete kitchen renovation that, in addition to new custom cabinetry, new walls and tile floors, included reframing two existing walls and the installation of new glass panel doors. Tav Kaekul sub-contracted the construction of the kitchen to Juan u201cCharlieu201d Ramirez, Los Angeles, CA. Construction began in February 2015. From January 2015 to May 2015, we paid Tav Kaekul $XX,XXX to procure three spans of Fleetwood sliding glass doors, $XX,XXX to procure new custom cabinetry, and $X,XXX to procure tile/backsplash/counter and island tops. In addition, from F

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Bald world sphynx

Hello (name),Welcome to . You have showed interest in one of our kittens (Mims). Yes, she is still available.Mims is 11 weeks old and ready to go. Our kittens are ready as from 9 weeks old.Just like the other kittens, she is up to date on her shots, house and potty trained. Our kittens are well socialized with other pets and they love kids alot.With the most loving nature! She has the sweetest and gentle demeanor ever. Comes with first shots, physical exam, deworm and Health certificate. Also comes with food toys and goodies. Parents tested for feline leukemia and FIV negative.She will make a wonderful companion to you and your household. We are asking $800.00 for her. Including shipping you will pay $950.00. That is if we have to ship.Shipping: We ship all over USA and Canada.We charge $150 for shipping within USA and we ship and you pick up your kitten at your closest airport. If you want a home del

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motel 6 San Francisco California Review

A very unpleasant stay at Motel 6 in Gilroy California. First the room was not clean and looked like it was not being maintained. There was no wifi period even though I paid extra for wifi. Since I could not get on the internet to find a restaurant that delivered, I went to the front desk to borrow a phone book. They claimed they had none. Then I said well do you know a restaurant close by that delivers to your motel? again a ruder response. I said my car is broke down and its 105 degrees outside and I cannot walk because of a heart problem. Can you please help me find a restaurant so I can order some food to my room. I had not had anything to eat all day because I was dealing with my car and towing. I had to walk several blocks just to get to the motel 6. I was exhausted, dehydrated and hungry. The night manager came and said I was harrassing his staff and that I should leave the motel. I said what? are you kidding, im just asking for help. I have used Motel 6 for years in several

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Continental Communities, Lincoln Park Mobile Home Park milwaukee Wisconsin Review

I bought a mobile home in Lincoln Park, which is owned by Continental Communities. nWe thought it would be a nice quiet park, like it was advertised, as being a quiet community. We are quiet people. In the rules and regulations it says that they will not tolerate acts of drunkenness, or other immoral behavior, and that they will not allow loud motorcycles, mufflers or music. nWell at the park, there was someone drunk yelling for their food, a couple arguing at all the hours of the night all the time, there were about 7 loud motorcycles and people going in and out of the park blasting their car radios at all hours of the night. nThat noise out there was unbearable, so we moved. You expect the park to be the way they say it is and for the rules to be followed. If you hate noise, stay away from this park! nAnonymousnmilwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.

10301 W. Greenfield Ave West Allis, Wisconsin U.S.A.

Mobile Home Parks

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Monster Transmission Review

Purchased a transmission on 05/22/2019 or at least I paid for one. Was very specific as to what I needed. They sent they wrong one anyway. Days later they picked that one up. Weeks later they finally said they couldn’t find one and I asked for my money back. Gave me some BS about clearing accounting and would take 7 to 10 days. I have a business and refunding a credit card is almost as fast as charging to one. A week later I called on the status and they said it would be 7-10 days. I told them I wanted it by that Friday or I would put it in dispute with the CC company. After that, they cancelled the credit. Haven’t figured that one out yet. Anyway, after seing that Friday came and went and no money, I called them the next week and they said they would have to start the whole process all over again. I was frustrated but agreed until a couple days later when I started to think that they may not have the money to pay me and started reading the horror stories all over the we

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