4Home are charging me a 15% “admin fee” (R690.26) for an order I placed online (with a 3-10 day delivery time) and subsequently cancelled less than 24 hours later.
Consumers, may I remind you that T&C’s are not binding when they are contrary to the law. When one cancels or returns an order within 7 days of purchase (whether online or in-store) you are fully entitled to a 100% refund. Do NOT let 4Home bully you into paying any “fees”; it is illegal (not to mention immoral) and I urge you to lodge a formal complaint against them here: www.cgso.org.za/complaints/ or send an email to [email protected]
I will NEVER buy anything from 4Home again! Rather go to Geewiz or Takealot.I placed an order for an item that showed 3-10 delivery time. I was not allowed to choose Collection and was forced to pay for delivery. Their reason:
“There are a number of items that are unfortunately not available for collection. Those are the items that get shipped directly from our various warehouses to the customer”.
Less than 24 hours later I found the item cheaper elsewhere and requested 4Home to cancel my order and refund me. They replied:
“The order has already been processed and the item is already en route to our store.”
I responded that I did not want it anymore and to please cancel and refund me. After having to fight for a refund they then declared they would be charging a 15% “admin fee” as per their T&C’s.