727Marine.Inc Jaeremy Bordner Unsafe, Unethical, Unprofessional Pinellas Park Florida!!. Business failed to provide services agreed upon. 727MarineInc was hired by myself to service and remanufacture an engine for a boat. Boat engine was not properly, nor safely, operating upon receipt. Photos have been provided to business displaying evidence of faulty operation as well as engine hours showing that engine was faulty upon receipt. Photos were also provided to business of damage to engine that was not addressed, repaired nor disclosed at time of service. Said damage inhibited engine from performing safely and properly. Video can also be provided showing malfunction, damage, engine hours and serial numbers to support legitimacy of complaint. Business owner refuses to reimburse costs for services not rendered in accordance to service agreement. “remanufactured” engines suffered high oil temps, oil leaks, exhaust leaks, neglected cyclinder heads, improper gaskets that did not seal, incorrect thermastat housings installed, poor quality manifolds and shifting cables improperly installed thus snapped. All occured in under four hours running time. Business states we accepted engine work “as is”. These terms were never agreed upon. The words “as is” only appeared on final invoice, which we did not sign, AFTER full payment was recieved. The preceeding left my family and I stranded in the ocean and also caused boating accident and damage to another boat. Owner will not respond to our requests for resolution.

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