Complaint: I took my 1995 Mitsubishi Galant to these crooks (Aamco Transmissions) starting July 2, 2001 when my transmission shift gears was having problems. I took my vehicle to the Aamco in Waldorf, MD and spoke with Doug Adams the customer service manager. I told him the problem I was having and they supposed to had repaired the problem because I paid Aamco $145.00. Here it is December 4, 2001 and my transmission shift gears are having problems again. My vehicle was towed in by Aamco towing service. A few hours went by and my husband called Mr. Adams to get the status of our vehicle. Mr. Adams basically said we’re going to need a new transmission and it will cost around $2,600.00 just to rebuild it. Then he asked for my husband’s date of birth but he never explained why. The next day, December 5, 2001 when I called Mr. Adams to let him know that my insurance company was going to send a tow truck to pick up my vehicle. Mr Adams said we took out the transmission last night (12/4/01). I said, excuse me? And not only that, he broke my gaskets when he took out the transmission. I asked him who gave you authorization to do any service. He said your husband gave me his date of birth. Yes, he did but Mr. Adams never explained why he asked for my husband’s date of birth. My husband thought he was using his date of birth for paperwork. Mr. Adams said his date of birth was authorization to do service on the vehicle. I told Mr.Adams that he couldn’t have told you to do service on the vehicle because he knew we didn’t have the money. Mr. Adams told me that there was a labor charge of $400.00 just for taking out the transmission. I told him no one gave you authorization to do any service. He was trying to force me to come up with the funds to get my vehicle repaired. Mr. Adams knew once he took out the transmission that I will have no choice but to pay. We went to go see Mr. Adams on 12/5/01. I asked him if I could see the work order. When he showed it to me, I noticed Mr. Adams forged my husband’s signature on the service agreement line. We didn’t sign any contracts, service agreements or work orders for the vehicle to be repaired. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A LAWSUIT OR WHAT? I asked Mr. Adams couldn’t he tell a few months later that I was going to be having the same problem. He said no that he couldn’t tell. He’s suppose to be a transmission expert, so he should be able to tell. I believe the service on my vehicle wasn’t done properly when it was there in July. Mr. Adams also told me that the only way he could tell what was wrong with the transmission was by taking it out. I thought all transmissions places has a transmission diagnastic machine where the machine can tell what’s wrong with a transmission. Mr. Adams is at fault and I refuse to give him any funds. Mr. Adams faxed me a printout containing parts and the costs for each. The total jumped from $2,600 to $3,089 WHAT A RIP OFF? I called Aamco Transmissions customer relations department and spoke with Mariam Davis. I told her the problem I was experiencing and she said she would contact the owner and would give me a call back. When she returned my call on December 7, 2001 she said it’s nothing that Aamco could do because my husband had gave Mr. Adams his date of birth. I told Mr. Adams that my car is going to draw dust a little longer on his lot until I get some results. He asked me how long would it take for me to come up with the money. Mr. Adams kept asking me to take out a loan. He had ordered parts for the vehicle and everything. I told Mr. Adams that I just didn’t have the money and please don’t touch my vehicle and left it at that. It’s something that could be done. I will be notifying the Office of the Attorney General for Consumer Protection, The Better Business Bureau, FOX 5 News for an investigation, and a lawyer for a lawsuit. I Noticed there are a lot of complaints with this company. Please do not take your vehicle to these CROOKS they will take your car and your money.

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Address: 2455 Old Washington Road Waldorf, Maryland U.S.A.


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