After reading many similar reports, I realize that I am not the only one victimized but this company. When we began our 24 month contract for a refrigerator, we were told that the ‘maintenance fee’ we were charged every month covered service every six-months on the item. (Replace filters, etc.) The first year of the contract, services were performed as explained. nThe problem began when the store management had changed. When we inquired about the next service we were told that they did not do service on the item, that we would have to call GE ourselves. (Funny that they did it twice before huh?) After explaining to the ‘New Manager’ that we were told they would cover the services, and that the service was actually completed twice in the past, we were told “Well

that’s why the last manager doesn’t work here anymore!”” (As if that is the customers business anyway right?) nShe proceeded to tell us that it wasn’t covered in our ‘maintenance fee’. What was covered

according to new management was that the refrigerator would be replaced if anything happened against the warrenty of the item. According to GE

the manufacturer

the warranty they are charging for is included for FREE when they sell the item wholesale to Aaron rental