My most important complaint is that every employee I spoke with regarding my contract states it isn’t correct. One day I went into the store to make a payment on my account and was told by the cashier I did not need to make a payment because I was ahead on payments. When I asked how far ahead, he said I would need to call later and ask the auditor. The auditor said I was ahead as well, but when I asked her how much I still owed on my contract, she quoted an amount that equalled 6 payments, which is what would be left if I were not ahead on payments. To this day, I cannot get an honest answer from any employee at Aarons. I spoke with an employee named K.C. on May 8, 2012. I asked him how much I had paid on my contract so far and he quoted an amount that was a full payment less than what my receipts totaled. I plan to pay off my contract in full with my next payment, but since no one can be honest with me, I don’t know how much the payoff amount is. I still feel I should go by the contract amount, but it doesn.t state an early payoff amount. What should I do?

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