Affordable auto in Gaylord Michigan Took advantage of me Gaylord Michigan!!. I thought this was a good company so I took my car in there because it broke down on the side of the road. They told me they could fix it . One day would go by and the owner Pat would call and say I needed this part and it would run so I okayed it than a few days later he would call and say I needed something else and it’ll be fixed so I okayed it by the time I was done I was up to $4800 and the car still wasn’t working. When I told him we no longer wanted to put any more money into it, he took the car out of his garage with the car taken apart without the hose clamps engine mounts or the fuel pump cover put back on and the car still wasn’t running any different than when I took it in. I got five miles down the road and my Dad had to tow it the rest of the way home. The air conditioning was not charged when affordable auto said that they charged it and charged me $90 .I took it to the other shop they told me that I did not need any of those parts that affordable auto put on that all I had was a bad spark plug wire an a plugged catalytic converter. Also my drive shaft was bent. Please be aware of this company as they totally will rip you off and they will not put parts back on your car I really could not afford that much money and I really believed that they took advantage of me.

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