Ali Esmail Nia Willowdale Infiniti This guy is a scam artist and lies, cheats and does whatever he can to steal from customers Thornhill, Ontario!!. Ali Esmail Nia is the sales manager at Willowdale Infiniti, and is the stero-typical used car salesman. He will lie, cheat and steal to make a sale. As soon as the sale is done, all promises are forgotten and he moves on to the next victim. I purchased a car from Willowdale and everything was going fine until Ali showed up. His whole fake attitude was disgusting and I walked out of the dealership because I didn’t have the patience to deal with him. The salesman was very apologetic and called me the next day begging me to come back. Since the salesman had invested so much time, I agreed to on the condition that I not have to deal with Ali. The salesman agreed and promised to get all required approvals from Ali’s boss, the General Manager. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the dealership, the GM wasn’t around so I had to deal with Ali again. We negotiated a price and he made all sorts of verbal concessions and even wrote them down on a piece of paper (which he retained). However, when I arrived to pick up the car, all of the options were missing. When I confronted him, he denied knowledge of us ever discussing them, and said he had lost the paper. When you are buying a luxury car, scam artists like Ali are the last people you want to deal with. He should be fired immediately before he causes any more damage to Infiniti’s reputation.

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