Allied Auto Warranty Dan Ferguson Dan Ferguson was very helpful when I purchased my warranty. I am so glad I purchased it as it has already paid for itself and I still 4 years of coverage left. I can’t thank them enough. Phoenix Arizona!!. I purchased a warranty thru Allied Auto Warranty out of Phoenix Arizona. I was recently shopping for another warranty for my wife’s car and when I Googled Allied Auto Warranty I found a negative listing on this site. Due to the fact that Dan Ferguson was so helpful when I purchased my warranty I felt compelled to write this review. It is unfortunate that we live in a day and age where anyone can post anything, whether true or not true, in a forum such as this. Being a business owner myself, I too have suffered from “digital blackmail. It would appear that a competitor of Allied Auto Warranty has posted these negative posts anonmously in an effort to discredit Allied Auto Warranty and Dan. I have experienced the same thing with my business. Anyone can post anything, whether substantiated or not. I can tell you that Dan was nothing but helpful during the purchasing process. I shopped numerous companies and went with Allied due to the fact they were over $600 less expensive than any other quote I received. After doing my due diligence and checking out the company that actually backed the warranty I purchased the warranty Allied Auto Warranty provided. I am so glad I did as 4 months after I purchased the warranty my transmission went out (a $3,000 repair). The process worked just as Dan had stated and the only thing I had to pay was the $100 deductible. I could never have afforded this repair if I didn’t have the warranty. If I didn’t have the warranty I would be making payments on a car that wasn’t running. I can’t thank Allied and Dan enough. If you are considering purchasing an extended warranty thru them you can rest assured you are dealing with a quality organization. Peter W

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