The above information is my report. I was a single mother trying to work full time, and go to school, then people are allowed to screw people out of their money. By not posting a guarantee any where on their product. It does not include government approval. It stated on the box if irritation occurs discontinue use. I was hurt at my job in Aug. 2017, and had already suffered an arm injury. I think this company preys on woman, with their hollywood elite, and cheap up front price. It is sad we only value that small percent of ourselves. It is hard to trust people with your finanical information, then your Allura’ in, and out of $175.90. There should be a law to prevent this from happening without approval from said person, before they can just take it away in the blink of an eye. It seems cut throat, and very shady. If I had the money, I would fly to Santa Ana, Ca. Yesterday. If Allura does not stand by their product, what is going to happen if it gets in someones eyes or mouth? It has a caution, yet not the consequence of this occurence? | Allura anti-aging serum / Allusiv eye wrinkle cream /skin care company I called the Allura/Allusiv skin care company in regards to an order i received containing both products mentioned, first week of Dec. I ordered two samples in Oct. 2017, $5.99 each. I was not in search of a beauty product, the article was with Betty White and seemed grimm. I opened the article and you are attacked by pop ups. I called the company this evening and spoke with a young man about the matter of how can I return the product to the company. Well this young man then told his well read rule of the 14-day trial period. I told him how sorry I was but I was unaware of any company never standing by their product. I asked to speak with his boss, instead of silence there seemed to be a happy function going on in the back ground. The man I spoke with was named Jason, and I told him that I was not happy about being charged $175.90, that my account had been overdrawn because of the charge. I told him that I wanted to return the products for a refund and that I have never heard of a company not guaranteeing customer satisfaction. As the other young man had said it was a 14-day trial, and I had the option to cancel. He could offer me a discount of 35% and I then asked to speak with his boss he told me he was the big boss. I insisted to speak with the ceo and he said he was in charge.


Name: Allura Anti Aging Serum

Country: United States

State: California

City: Fountain Valley

Address: P O Box 20800

Phone: 1-888-736-3712