am auto parts ordered transmission got a boat anchor so rusted it was unbeleivable when asked them to take back they said I had to pay shipping refused to do this . tampa Florida!!. ordered transmission from am auto parts was assured it was a good transmission I even told them jokingly that I did’nt want a trans. that looked like it sat in the ocean for several months yet this is exactly what I got. when I called them and told them the company putting in the trans. could not get a part out to put in new seals they kept insisting it was a good trans. finally after several weeks of calling them they said to send it back they would refund my money but I had to pay for shipping I did’nt think this was fair since I ordered a usable trans. and did’nt get one even offered to pay half the shipping just to get this resolved they declined. so I called my credit card company and they said they would treat it as fraud and they returned my money. then I turned them into the fraud department in our state now I hope they call and want their trans. back i’m going to tell them to come and get it since I live in north dakota it will be quite expensive for them maybe that will teach them a lesson.

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