American Locksmith. Locksmith Services,A1 Locksmith Total Ripoff We are in Indianapolis Indiana Internet!!. I lost my car key. Dealer said only a locksmith can make a new one.A friend found the number online and called them.They told him it would cost at the most $170. So we called them the next day.They came out and started working.I took hours. Then he said it would be $291.11 because the key has a chip in it. After another hour the key still wouldnu00b4t work. He told my husband that if he didnu00b4t keep the key it would be $60 for labor,$18 for a service call,and $50 for the key code. IDK why but my husband payed him $200 anyway,I guess bc he refused to leave until he got payed. He never programmed the key. So I had to pay extra to tow the car somewhere else and have them program it. My uncle said they were supposed to program it. And I agree for $200! I called other locksmiths and they say they program. The man that came out had a number of (317)721-1161. I called the office back and they said it had to be a problem with the truck,which it isn’t,it was never programmed. I called back again to speak to a manager,on Saturday,he was “out of office”,”call back Monday”. The managers name is “David Smith”.I called back today,Monday,and he was again “out for the day,went home” “call back tomorrrow”. I had my mother call and try to get an address and they told her NO,WE DON’T HAVE AN OFFICE FRONT. They told her that keys start at $120 and programming is included.

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