I am an accredited investor with a 30-year track record as a senior executive, board member and share-holder of a number of small and mid-sized companies in both Canada and the United States. In 2011 I became involved with one company in particular, a small construction subcontractor that in its 19-years of operation had never earned more than $200,000 in any one year, had the misfortune of engaging American Management Services in the Spring of 2010. At the time of the engagement the company’s revenues had been in a 12-month free fall, the company was operating on the equivalent of financial life support from its bank, its’ overhead had been pared to the bone, and its’workforce was no more than a skeleton crew. While the outlook at the time was surely bleak, what the company did have going for | it was the $275,000 cash nest egg it had managed to accumulate over years ofliving prudently managing its business prior to the 2009 recession. By coincidence the AMS “consultants” offered to recommend programs that “will improve your overall business operation.” the company’s billings under the part-time (two person) engagement quickly exceeded $250,000 in just 90-days before the company’s owner realized that he had made a terrible error in judgment. AMS’s work product was nothing more than a high pressure sole objective was to separate the client from the cash and with surgical precision. | While there may be some out there in America (possibly the Banjo builders from Tennessee) who had a different experience, it is my assessment American Management Services entire business model is by design and implementation predatory; in the extreme. Perhaps even the fertile ground for the certification of a legal class? SoCaveat Emptor, or better | still..just say no, to the The Business Survey TM.

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