American Teardrop AT gave me a defective camper and they did not stand behind their work! Auburn California!!. When I was looking to have a custom teardrop built a couple of years ago, I searched for and talked to manufacturers far and wide. At the beginning of 2015, Bud (the owner of American Teardrop) promised me most everything I wanted in a teardrop design. I placed my order, and picked it up in California in August of that year. It was really awesome, an off-road, off-grid beast that was ready for anything. But the problems with it started very soon after I drove away from Cali towards my home in Florida. First thing was a problem with leaking in the galley when it rained. An incorrectly designed galley hatch was the culprit. And that was just the beginning. I’ve had SO MANY problems with this thing, I’d happily deem it a lemon. While Bud was responsive enough every time I’d email him, it just all got to be too much. The thing is now literally falling apart, and I’ve had myriads of hatch problems. In fact, I’ve never had a totally dry galley after a rain – water ALWAYS finds its way in. I’ve had problems with the air conditioner unit and the way it was installed, including condensation leaking into my cabin, and my galley is falling apart. I’ll be posting pictures of the issues I’ve had if anyone is interested, but for now I’d just say to STEER CLEAR. There are plenty of other manufacturers that will stand behind their work. Bud fell very short of this.

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