This company totally ripped me off and took full advantage of me!! They did a FREE diagnostic on my vehicle to see what was on June 23rd 2016…however they never called me to tell me anything i had to keep callin them they never told me anything about my car they had my car for 5 days straight and did not fix it all then when i called on June 27th they told me “we can fix yor car and have it ready by tommorow” but still NEVER told me what the problem was so on June 28 i called MR.SAL 10 times and his mechanic to see what was wrong and how much i would have to pay NOBODY answerd me…when mr.sal eventually called mr back he said that “he took my engine apart to see what the problem was and that he did not fix my car STILL” MY CAR WAS IN SO CALL PIECES AND HAD NEVER BEEN WORKED ON LIKR HE CLAIMED HE DID!! THEN WHEN I TOLD HIM TO JUST LEAVE IT ALONE I WILL PICK MY CAR UP HE TOLD ME THAT I NEEDED TO PAY HIM “680 DOLLARS” but he just looked at my car thats it he never fixed it all and had no reason or right to take mt transmission apart!! now to be honst i signed some paper that he gave me on the 23rd however YOU CAN NOT READ NONE OF THE WORDS AT ALL ON THE PAPER!!! STILL he did not fix my vehicle it is still the same all he did was a diagnostic test which was FREE!!!! NOW HE IS CHARGING ME 680 DOLLARS FOR BASICALLY NO REPAIRS AT ALL I FELL THAT I WAS INDEED RIPPED OFF BY THIS COMPANY!!!


Name: America’s Transmission Experts

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Katy

Address: 510 S Mason Rd

Phone: 281-391-8300