antelope valley nissan & lynda jones service rep They are crooks the worst company I have ever dealt with palmdale california!!. This company has got to be the most corupt auto repair facility I have ever encoutered, I have been there several times & I am always charged for items to be repaired on my nissan rogue, because they are not sure what the problem is, so they start replacing parts untill they find out if which part that needs to be replaced. today was my last encouter with this corupt company & lynda jones,I took my vechicle in for an air bag lite on my dash to be fixed,first she tells me they are not sure which part is bad,so they will have to start replacing parts & hope they find the problem, ok I am used to thier con game with this. But this time when I pulled out of the parking lot I noticed my temperature display was not working, which was working when I brought in the vechicle. Now good old LYnda Jones trys to tell me It was a coincendence that is stopped working while it was in their shop & they were not responsible, now get this she said they could repair it but they would have to start replacing different parts to see which part was bad! Now remember all of these parts that they are replacing I am paying for them, even if my car did not need theses parts. Vincent , Lancaster California

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