You’d think this girl April Ferarra would be happy enough in her own life to not ruin another’s life, but that’s not the case. She’s in her early 30’s, has been with her man for 7 years, 4 kids (the most recent just born mere months ago), he works hard and takes care of the entire family while she stays home. Recently, my fiancĂ©, who I had been with for almost 9 years, suddenly was “unhappy with our relationship and thinking about leaving. A week and a half later I find a receipt for flowers, and it was for this woman. He claimed they were just friends, but then got up and left, never to return again. We just moved into our newest home months ago and I’ve been completely abandoned. He’s swore up and down that this girl is just a friend and has nothing to do with why he was unhappy, until I started seeing the facebook pictures of their vacations and pictures of them kissing. He’s finally confirmed they are together. He was my everything until she came into the picture. I’ve sent her several messages and she has not replied to one. She still lives at home with her ex, who still financially supports her, while she’s secretly running around with my now ex. I have not acted out or done anything stupid and pride myself in the composure I’ve maintained. I cannot say the same for her. As if stealing him wasn’t enough, she continues to post ugly material on facebook such as “I leave my page on public because I want a weak b**** to see my sh*t and cry” obviously referring to myself. I have been abandoned, replaced, and now bullied but she doesn’t have the balls to say one thing to me directly. Completely shattered.