STAY AWAY FROM AQUA HUT!!! Richie sold me 4 young African Cichlid Peacock fish who had ick disease and they transferred the parasitic disease killing off my entire tank of my 4 beautiful adult African Cichlid Peacocks and 1 adult Butterfly Pleco. The 4 young fish I bought did not display any signs of disease, but the others in Richie’s tank did. I never saw ick before in fish, and he taught me what it looks like by showing it to me in his other fish. He even said to me while pointing to some of the other 75+ fish in the same tank: “I won’t give you those because they have the ick spots””. I just read online that ick is a highly contagious disease

and fish can carry it even though they don’t display visual signs of it (the 4 I bought from him). There has not been any PH


or nitrate irtrite change in my tank at all

so that cannot be the cause. I even medicated the tank with ick medication early on as soon as I noticed the many tiny dots all over my adult’s bodies