armotorsports Totally Disgusted Lawrenceville, Georgia!!. Totally Disgusted! Bought the car 28th February 2018 transmission blown 18th march 2013.. Have not made the first payment on it yet. No car to use, no thousands of dollars to replace and 4 years of payments to go, however I am not angry but at peace, knowing that a couple a days every week, every month and every year I will post on every site I find that features this dealer this exact same post. So they can share the financial loss with me 🙂 Ask yourself this question, would you risk placing a deposit, signing a 4 your finance agreement for a car 3 weeks later did not work yet you still had to pay for?……I did and now I have nothing…Just because they can get you financed, does not mean you want to be financed with this company. My experience is DON’T TRUST THEM!

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