Autobahn Classics LLC Dishonesty, Liars, no communication, unprofessional,bogus Hialeah Florida!!. I flew from Cleveland to Miami to experience the worst car lot that i ever seen in my entire 50 years. they dont put any money into their cars to spruce them up for consumers. The unprofessional salesmen don’t know whats going on but money. I was told to lye to the finance company in order to receive my car. Theyre some scammers who just care about flipping cars for twice the amount of value. i put down a huge amount of money and the car needed tires, air compressor, pump, and detailing. the main focus was getting my money with no regards of pleasing the customer. I wouldnt ever buy a car there ever again in life nor recommend anyone to purchase a car. If you dont want to get beat out of your money please please don’t buy a car from there.

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