AutoConnection Captial Lending A friend like them you don’t need an enemy! Norfolk Virginia!!. The auto connection’s slogan says’ they a car buyers best friend…. Let’s think about this for a moment. Would we expect a our best friend to over charge us? Would we expect our best friend not to keep their word? Would we expect our best friend to give a crappy parts? Well, the Autoconnection has failed to do all of these things! I never could get a ride to the dealership. The 2005 Mercery Montego has a blue book value of less than $1800 however I walked off the lot owing them over $16k. The very first week the 6-disc Cd changer ate my CDs. I was told it was not covered and they would gladly fix it for $250. Struggling to make the $380 monthly payments I had to get used to get listening to the radio. The back inside light keep coming on they never fixed, or the trim that hung in the pasenger door I was told did not stop the car from operating. My car battery kept dying, I had not had the car for a year yet. So I brought a new battery… the size of the battery the AutoConnection had in my car looked as if it came out of a smart car and the battery that suppose to been in my car looked like a truck battery in comparrison! After replacing with the proper size battery no more issues! If the AutoConnection could even put the right size battery into this car, they did not spend top dollar fixing this car up. I should be against the law for any company to boost the price this much without everything being fully covered under warranty!

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