We called Aventura Animal Hospital when our pet guinea pig was not eating. From experience and reading, we suspected that he had overgrown teeth that needed filing. When making the appointment we were referred to one of their “exotic pet specialists.” and assured that they could correct the problem. While Dr. Jeanette Basto examined our pet, I suggested she check his teeth. She ignored my request while conducting a variety of tests, administering a sedative, injecting him with saline solution, and taking x-rays. After rolling up a treatment bill of over $300, she claimed that our pet had a “hernia” and not any sort of problem with molar spurs even though she apparently never examined his back teeth! A few days later I called to express my displeasure with the treatment we had received from Dr. Basto since our pet was still suffering and could not chew food. We were invited back to Aventura Animal Hospital to have another vet check our pet out at no additional cost.. Dr. Acaron examined him this time but, after looking at his teeth, admitted that even though there could have been a tooth spur problem , neither she nor anyone at the hospital had experience filing guinea pig teeth. She then recommended that we buy a vitamin C supplement and change his diet. I was incensed at the fact that first, the office.manager Natalie had lied to us about having “specialists” who could correct our pet’s tooth problem, then the “specialists” themselves pretended that the animal had a variety of other issues as an excuse to roll up a bill before admitting that they didn’t have experience treating guinea pig molar spurs. If they had been up-front and honest, we would have been able to go to another vet sooner and save our pet’s life. Sadly, he died a few weeks later from a fatal reaction to an antibiotic after finally having another his molar spurs filed at another animal hospital and beginning to eat again. If we had not had our time wasted by the phonies at Aventura Animal Hospital, we could have gotten our pet properly treated elsewhere in timely fashion without him wasting away for two weeks and becoming too weak to tolerate a mild dose of an antibiotic. After everything, the people at Aventura Animal Hospital continued to insist our pet wasn’t eating because of a hernia, not because of the molar spurs which were pinning his tongue that vets at two other hospitals confirmed! They are an outrage and cannot be trusted!


Name: Aventura Animal Hospital

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Miami

Address: 19101 Biscayne Blvd

Phone: 305-933-3647

Website: vcahospitals.com