I wanted to buy Nintendo 3DS and when I heard about the price drop to $170 a couple weeks ago, plus those who bought 3DS on or before Aug 11 can also get 20 free games online, I wanted to get one and then price match after the drop to get $80 back. I asked the employees Monday the 8th, and they assured me they will price match 3DS when they lower the price within 30 days of original purchase date. So I bought them. Today I went back with the receipt and guess what? They claim the $170 price is “Gamestop promition only”” and that they wouldn’t price match that large price drop. I tried their manager

who gave the same excuse. I went to their gaming section and found 3DS system with the new

lower price tag attached. I showed it to the manager

he claims that it’s a different system from the one I got. Even after I showed the UPC code on the $170 system is exactly the same as my receipt

he still insisted it’s different system and not eligible for price matching.I ended up driving some 30 minutes to a different Best Buy who had no problem giving me $80 back. OK so one store does it without a problem because the employee there knows about price matching