Complaint: This site was of course for Entertainment purposes! You pay REAL cash for fake chips, well not only has the game went down hill, there is a HUGE difference when you are having fun and when they are stealing your MONEY due to GREED and CAPPING your account! They let you win one week or two weeks then suck you in to steal more $ so you will buy more and more only to lose consistently for the next few weeks to months..This game has went down hill and continues to go down hill! Itu2019s not even fun anymore and a lot of innocent people are getting cheated and duped and sucked in slowly! If they knew what I know and the rest of the players HELL all they have to do is know your getting warned here to stay away! Spend your money elsewhere, go to real casinos or find new games bec these people are the epitome of all GREED and EVIL!! I rate them a 0! No one deserves to get SUCKED in by these young polish dudes running it and their business will sink in due time because of their greed. Apple and ITunes is in on a % when they gel take your REAL MONEY for this fake CRAP! Fun at first then you slowly get it alright… RIPPED THE HELL OFF! The BBB needs to look into all the elderly spending their Money here as well as all the clients and see what they are doing.. They change up the game weekly now making it harder to hit. They are cheating people bad! I want the Attorney Gen and Games Board Industry to look into this online Casino same owners own Billionaire Casino and HuuugeCasinoSlots! Who can look into their rigging ways and find they are cheating customers w changing the pay scale and fake games weekly! CLASSACTION LAWSUIT PEOPLE

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Address: Poland

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