I want to warn ppl that this company is run by con artists!! David and Mackenzie Thomas screwed their employees by making large paychecks bounce in their bank accounts causing them all to go thousands of dollars in the hole… Along with tht,, they didnt tell their employees tht they were laid off until they had done an additional 2 weeks of work and then withheld their last paychecks (close to 2000.00 per employee) so tht they all had worked up to 11 hrs each day for 2 weeks so tht the person they were doing the job for still paid them… David and Mackenzie then pocketed the THOUSANDS of dollars tht was owed to their hard working employees and fell off the face of the earth… These ppl are NOT good honest ppl!! They are heartless con artists who completely screwed several good and hard working men out of thousands of dollars and these ppl need to pay for what they have done and the grief that they have caused to far to many good ppl!

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