BSI Financial Services is not merely an incompetent mortgage servicing company. BSI’s has consistently failed to correctly post the monthly payments we tender each and every month, as well as failed to adhere to standard accounting practices. Yesterday, after over a year of thrice having to attend to correcting their persistent failures to properly post each monthly payment received, BSI produced an erroneous loan accounting history, resulting in termination of the conventional loan refinance which was being put in place to fully pay off the loan which BSI was servicing. | As a result of this, I will be filing formal complaints with their regulatory agencies in Pennsylvania (BSI corp HQ), Texas (main serving office), and Oregon (location of the subject property). I will be requesting licensure suspension and imposition of sanctions and fines. I have already submitted the RESPA QWR (Qualified Written Request), and am now preparing the civil lawsuit for filing in Oregon State Court (I am considering taking it to US District Court, due to the interstate nature of their loan servicing activities and multi-state corporate registry). I would be open to entertaining the inclusion of other plaintiffs, and elevating this to a class action lawsuit. | Interested persons or their attorneys may contact me at: | Charles Barker III | [email protected] | Tel: 808-747-6141


Name: BSI Financial Services

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Irving

Address: 1425 Greenway Drive Suite 400

Phone: 972.347.4350