Budget Truck, Budget, Budget Truck Rental Review – DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY Dayton Ohio!!. I went to the Budget Truck Rental website last week and made a reservation for a truck for 4 days later. They took my credit card information for the reservation. The day OF my move i got a call from them saying they didnt have a truck for me…. What the hell is a reservation for!? The reservation is apparently just for them to charge your credit card if they HAPPEN to have a truck for you for that day. This isnt an isolated incident, a family friend had the same exact thing happen to him but instead of calling him they told him they didnt have one for him when he showed up to pick up the truck… Want to get the matter resolved? The customer service line is horrendous, don’t expect to talk to an American. The customer service then said they would have their “Resolution Team” contact me in the next 2 hours… 2 hours? I was supposed to have the truck already… They did call me about 2 hours later, and it was some punk teenagr who hated his job, and couldnt care less. If you are looking for a truck rental go with (((REDACTED))). They not only had a truck that day, they delivered it to our nearest location. Not only that it was cheaper, and have great customer service.

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