I am not going to use any names just for legal reasons that could pop up. | I was upside down on a Jeep I got at Chevy of Bellevue [don’t go there either]. My “friend” the car salesman at Buick of Kirkland called me to say he had the perfect car for me, that would get me out of my loan on the Jeep. I told him I don’t want a Buick. He says the Buick has rebates which will help the negative equity on my Jeep. So, I go down there, and he’s hyping up the warranty, etc. I tell him the car payment is too high, and he is not being transparent about the new loan or how the rebates are helping me. This occurred 3-24-18. | So, vulnerable me says okay. Now, my mother had just passed in Feb, so I was not as strong, nor together enough to think as clearly as I usually do. I acquiesced, trusting in him. He goes on vacation the next day. Two days later I call the dealership questioning the contract. | So, still being confused by this deal, and seeing how my “friend” has screwed me, I called him in June to tell him, I want out of the deal that has left me in a very stressful and impossible situation, one which can not afford. He goes stone cold on me and said, “You signed the paperwork”. How could he f*** me over like that? NO ETHICS! | So, I put a review on Yelp and sent my complaint to the AG of WA State. Well, they sent it to Buick of Kirkland. I get a call from one of the sales mgrs. I told him everything how it happened. He said he’d get back to me, but hasn’t, and it’s been a week plus. | BUYER BEWARE!!! CROOKED SALESMEN AND NO ETHICS!!


Name: Buick GMC of Kirkland

Country: United States

State: Washington

City: Kirkland

Address: 12335 120th Ave NE

Phone: 1 877-505-6211

Website: www.buickgmcofkirkland.com/