Complaint: We found a German shepherd on their website email them they sent pictures and had me sign a contract to get ownership of the puppy and to send $650 western union but it had a hold on it so I got my money back they told me to send it to Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart in a different person name and once they got it I was told they will be sending me the airport ticket information to pick my puppy up bit I haven’t heard anything since . I been texting and emailing them since early this morning and now I am out $650 I am disabled and was looking forward to having Lucas as our family to get him trained as a service dog. Now I want never see my puppy or money. They had a lot of good testimonials on their website.

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: Internet USA

Website: Caitlin German Shepherd puppies

Phone: 7034952850