This is text pasted word-for-word from the case I just filed with the Central Ohio Better Business Bureau. On 3/1/10, I won an item on eBay, sold by Logan Community Thrift & Consignment in Logan, OH. The item is a board game centered on Tarot cards and astrology. I paid for the item a few days later. When I made my payment, I indicated that I needed the item to be shipped via USPS. My invoice indicated the item would go USPS, and the auction indicated this as well. Roughly two weeks later, I came home to a delivery attempt notice on my apartment door. The item actually went FedEx Ground. I had to drive 45 miles round-trip to pick up a $10.00 item. I waited for a few days, and then contacted the seller to express my disappointment that 1) she did not use the shipping method indicated on the invoice, 2) picking up the item was a huge hassle for me and she should have checked with me before switching shipping methods), and 3) I wanted to leave negative feedback for her on eBay, but I did not want to do so without addressing the issues with her first. I did not indicate that I wanted a refund in my initial email to Candy; all I wanted was an apology for the inconvenience. In addition to the shipping hassles, I told her that the item is not new or mint as described in the auction listing; the item has stains all around the box, smells musty, and cannot be used for its intended purpose. (She did state the following in one of her emails to me: “You were expecting some kind of compensation on a $10 item because of a cosmetic issue on the box of all places…”” First of all

the box is the most important part for something like this. Second

this is admitting the item was damaged.) On 3/15/10

the seller initiated a series of hostile responses that simply did not stop

and still continue. The following email