Car Acquire Absolute scam- didn’t fulfill ANY part of their agreement and wouldn’t refund!! Colorado Springs Colorado!!. Copied from another poster as the EXACT SAME thing happened to us! Car Acquire contacted me because they scan through CraigsList ads for private sellers of personal vehicles. The Car Acquire rep. said “Chevys always sell, especially the kind you have” and “you can verify us by going to the Wal-Mart website, and our link is there” I checked and it was and since I trust Wal-Mart so much as a solid company, I went ahead with the plan the Rep presented to me.He said I needed to pay $500, take photos of my vehicle and send it to them and they would list my vehicle and if it did not sell in 90 days, I could submit my form for a refund of $375 (or close to that) They told me I would get a refund because my vehcile (had lots of potential buyers) but in the end it did not sell. ‘I sent in my notarized form and called to verify it was received and they said it was and I would get a refund but the dates came and went.I called them yelling, demanding a Manager. The man was rude and condesending and hung up on me.He said I would get my refund but it is out of his hands because it is in another department and he has “no control over it”! Actually, when we called, they said their legal department was “bogged down” so we needed to wait past their agreed reimbursement period. I’ve tried and tried to call but it’s like they disappeared! I can’t find out how to reach them. How can we get our refund??!

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