Carchex royal administration services CARCHEX SCAM DO NOT USE – TAKES YOUR MONEY AND REFUSES TO REIMBURSE OR PAY FOR AUTO WORK SOUTH FLORIDA Nationwide!!. This company has taken my mothers money and now that the car is having trouble is refusing to “approve” work getting done claiming it is pru00e9existing. We are honest people and my mother got this company to get rid of hassles as she gets older. Now, when we call we can’t get through to any supervisor or anyone who is willing to listen. They advised her to get a rental while the car has been in the shop. Now on the 4th day they are saying they won’t approve the work. NOONE inspected the car prior to her getting the warranty so how on earth do they have the audacity to say it’s all preexisting? A water pump breaking especially can’t be driven without the car overheating so there is no way it was preexisting. I’m sure some people try and cheat the system, however, my mom is simply trying to get her car working and relied on this warranty company to be there if there was an issue . The inspector Henry is rude and simply wrote off everything as preexisting without listening to the mechanic. As we called the company to speak with someone else or even him or Jason Goldsmith the receptionist was rude and condescending not wanting to give any information. This company can be sure that we will be taking this matter forward in the highest regard.

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