On January 17th we went to castle couture to buy a dress for my daughter for her sweet 16. We tried many and then placed a special custom order according to my daughter’s size. She tried on size 6 but it was very loose. The sales rep confirmed that if they take her measurements and order custom fit than it would fit her perfectly and beautifully. So a tailor measured her and we placed custom order for size 00 and paid in full $750. They said they will call us in around six weeks when dress will be in. | I did not get any call till March first week so I called them and the lady on phone told me that the dress is in and they had sent me an email couple of weeks ago. I told them I did not get any email and why didn’t they call me? The person on the phone was very rude and said they only send emails and do not make phone calls. I asked which email address did they sent email to and she gave me some aol email address which was not mine. I told her that it is not my email and asked her what address she has on file for us. The address she gave me was also not mine. That concerned me so I said to her I hope you did not order wrong dress or wrong measurements. She said the dress and measurements would be fine and asked me for my phone number and address again so she can update in her system. I told that the order form has the correct email and address. She did not even apologized once for mistake but asked for my phone number and address again which I gave to her and she very rudely put down the phone after saying your dress is in and asked me to call back to make appointment for pickup. | I called back again and made appointment for Pick up. On the day of the pickup, my daughter tried it and the dress was very big on her. The attendant said it needs alterations from top as well as length so we need to come back when they will have alterations person take measurements and give us estimate on alterations. I raised concern that they took measurements before while doing custom order why dress is so loose and long? They did not give any satisfying answer. | They insisted I take the dress with me and bring it back on the day of appointment for alterations. I said no to that and asked they keep the dress there. We made appointment with alterations in next two weeks and came back home. | We went again for appointment with alterations. My daughter tried the dress, the tailor took measurements and figured the straps were too long; it needed fitting from the top and length to be shortened and gave us estimate for $500 for alterations. This was not expected at all. I told them I am not paying $500 for making alterations to a custom order to make it wearable. I am not taking it. They insisted that I can take the dress as it is without alternations. Manger gave me a form that said I am 100% satisfied with my purchase and I am taking this dress home. I told them I am not signing this form and am not taking this dress. The manger kept on arguing you can get it altered somewhere else and insisted I take it with me as it is my property now. Then another manager came, both of them very rude and kept on saying you cannot leave the store without taking this dress with you. I told them the dress is not wearable and is very big on my daughter, so I will not take it as it is. They have to make it according to the measurements which they took initially. We started walking towards the door and they started following us with the dress in hand saying they will call security if I don’t take the dress with me. Then they called security who happens to be cop from Manalapan but working for them in the store. I had to tell the cop why I do not want to take this dress and one of the two managers started yelling that cop does not need any explanation and that he only needs to know that this dress is your property and you need to take it home with you. Both the managers had no courtesy, they kept on shouting and screaming and continued to humiliate and insult us. My daughter started crying. We stood there at the door for almost 20 minutes and then second manager said ok you can leave the dress here and if you do not pick the dress in this month it will automatically become our property and no refunds will be given to you. It was very bad experience for us and they harassed us for almost an hour. | Horrible horrible experience! | Now the situation is i have already paid castle couture $750 for a custom dress and have not received the dress because it is too loose and big and is not wearable.


Name: Castle Couture

Country: United States

State: New Jersey

City: Manalapa

Address: 355 US Highway 9

Phone: 732-617-1414