Chris Allan, C&S Auto Repair Mobile Mechanic Took the money for a throttle cable, and never installed the part. Brick, Neptune New Jersey!!. I recently hired Chris to do some work on my car. The first thing he told me when he came to work on my car is that all the posts about him on Ripoff Scams are false. I wish I had taken this sign as a red flag. I should have immediately looked him up on Ripoff Scamss and read the posts about him. If I did , I would have not been scammed out of a $100, and would have told him leave immediatly. After looking at my car, he said I needed a new throttle cable. He said he has business accounts with the local car dealership parts depatments, and that he could get the part cheaper then if I bought it myself. Since he did not come back to install the part, I wound up purchasing it myself, and have found a more reputable mechanic to install the part. Do Not Hire Him!!

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