4/29 signed contract to receive 30 annuity leads to be generated by an online ad campaign. I was supposed to receive the leads no later (Contract guaranteed) than 10 days. I paid for the leads with a credit card upfront. After repeated attempts and responses whereby Mr Paul Galnte personally promised me a refund because of delays (and pushing me past the credit card chargeback time limit). He quickly substituted his cheap .25 cent White Pages leads thereby saving himself the expense and bother of running an actual campaign. FRAUD | The leads he did deliver were obviously sorced from a direct mail campign and did not include an email adress (which was contractually guaranteed). he also advertisesd .25 cent leads for Direct Marketing Campaigns. The Leads came in an Overnight UPS package (again not generated from a Google Ad Campaign as promised and delivered in near real time as promised) Upon calling provided list, it became obvious, not a single person EVER remebered filling out an online form requesting info on Annuities and the leads not only were past the contractual deadline they didnt even have an email address which was also contractually guaranteed! | After numerous attempts by email, Including certified a letters. Mr Paul Galante REFUSED to contact me in any way!! Although I have prrof of all his correspondence. He has since rewritten his website taking out the promises he had included before. Fortunately, for me I printed them out for the Disstrict Attorney!


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