I am new to Kratom and ordered from Coastline because they have an attractive web site with a great “no questions asked guarantee” and I live fairly close to them. I ordered on a Saturday and quickly discovered how expensive they are after some comparisons PLUS I realized that they were sending me powder and I desired capsules. I immediately called on Saturday with no answer so, I waited until Monday morning. I called Monday morning at 8AM and 8:30AM with no answer. Finally, at 0904, a fellow by the name of Gabe answered the phone. He was quite pleasant while I explained that I wanted to cancel the order for a sundry of reasons. He stated that he would cancel the order. On that Friday, I received the order! I called Coastline and, once again, Gabe answered the phone. This time was different. Gabe became hostile and rude. It became so bad that I began to record the conversation in the event I need it. During the midst of Gabe’s rude behavior, I finally got the details of how to return the product and get a refund. I followed the directions to a “Tee” immediately that day. The product was received by Coastline Kratom the following Monday according to the tracking number. After 2 months, no refund. I had to file disputes with Paypal and my credit card company.


Name: Coastline Kratom

Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: Supply

Address: 106 Countryside St SW

Phone: 9105063341

Website: www.coastlinekratom.com/