My Complaint: Received letter in mail from COMCAST FINANCIAL SURVEY INC. stating tha I had been selected to become on of their Secret Store Evaluator assigned to Rite Aid, Wall-Green (not spelled correctly). This is a 3 month probationary assignment that you are to complete within 24 hrs upon activating your check. The paid training assignment pays $400.00 per hour. Enclosed was a check written on The Bank of New York Mellon located in Pittsburgh in the amount of $3,830.00. The balance of the check was for purchasing 6-500 hundred dollars (Reload Pack ) from Geen-Dot Money Pack reload system. Upon filling out the Evaluation form I will be advised as to what to do with the Green dot cards. .


My Demand: I was directed to cash the check at by financial institution. I checked the routing # on the check with Mellon bank in Pittsburgh and the r