In October 2006, I purchased a POS system from Luis, Salesman for Comp USA. Prior to the purchased, he advised me of the cost two thousand Nine hundred dollar cost of the POS system and its price to install it which was $159.00. A technician came out to install. Although it was a simple POS system, the technician was unfamiliar with the computer and was constantly on the phone with his office seeking advice. Later I received my credit card billing from Comp USA and saw unauthorized charges totaling $1522.41. I was shocked, the system cost less than $3,000.00 and Comp USA was billing me over $1500.00 to install? Besides they had quoted $159.00 to install so I knew there had been a mistake. n Additionally, I had been told at the time of my purchase that I would have 12 months interest free financing, but my credit card indicated 6 months only interest free financing. Believing there was an error, I went to the San Rafael office and was told by my salesman Luis and store manager, Joe that they would look into it the charges and correct the interest free period. I waited several weeks and called Comp USA credit card services which turned out to be HSBC Retail Services located in Wilmington, DE 19850. They advised me that the store had done nothing to correct the problem and indicated that I should write a letter. I wrote a letter in January requesting the charges be placed in dispute. nIn April, I received a bill with billed deferred interest charges. I called the credit card company and they said that Comp USA refused to reverse the charges. I requested proof that I had authorized the additional charges- they said Comp USA did not have to provide proof and the charges, and billed deferred interest charges would remain. If a class action lawsuit is started against Comp USA, count me in! nKarinnSan Rafael, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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