this place is a joke. prices are great but thats as far as it goes. do not believe anything they say when it comes to their warranty. my touch screen head unit died after 6 months, i called them and they said they had them in stock and one would ship within 24 hours of recieving the defective unit. 3 days after they recieved it i called them and they told me they no longer carried the unit but they were “looking” into the problem and they would call me back. no return call from them. 2 more days go by and i call them again, now they are talking to the manufacturer to find out what to do. once again they will call me back. 3 more days go by with no call so once again i call them and they say “we had to ship it to the manufacturer for repair. i ask them how long, they dont know but will call me back. 2 more days go by and i call them again. now they are upset with me, they have no idea how long it will be. i get an email from them saying “WE SENT IT TO KENWOOD AND WE DO NOT KNOW WHEN THEY WILL BE DONE WITH IT”. so my 24 hour turn around is heading into the third week with no end in sight especially since they sent it to kenwood instead of sony.

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