I went to Dentzz for implants root canals bridges and spent a lot of money. They crammed in my treatment every day for the 2 weeks I was and my mouth was so sore. Many nights I had no sleep. One female dentist was so rough I was in tears and had to get out of the chair. Don’t expect any compassion.

When I got back to Australia I realized how ill-fitting the crowns and implants were. I was disappointed. My partner had a small amount of work done. He put a negative comment online and they paid him to take it off.

The Female dentist who has lived in Melbourne is the one that signs you up. She is great at conning people I went to the Kemps Corner Clinic

BEWARE they do not give you a lot of personal care. I would not recommend them and sorry I went there. They did not even bother to contact me when I returned to Australia to see how I was going they get your money and dump you like a hot potato.

They buy off people to make out there are no complaints and try to force people into making a happy video on the last day of your treatment. I think there are many better places to go to.

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