I got call by Kathryn Young in April, I think. The company wanted to rent my timeshare for 4 weeks for a Company Conference. It was also called Advance Services. I was to charge $796 to my credit card and would get paid $17,400 no later than July 8. I really needed the money so agreed to it. My husband is in an Alzheimer’s home and I have had multiple health problems this year. But, when the time to receive my money passed, I began calling them. They kept saying had to look up my file to verify info, then would send my money. Even gave me dates when Fed EX would deliver it. I never received ANY money. Kept calling , they would put me on hold, then hang up on me. In December I called again and talked to man named Eanya, who said he was working on it. Had some trouble with some guests that did not show up & he was dealing with collecting Exchange fees from bank on these guests. Promised me I would receive money by Dec. 15. When I did not, called & talked to him again. I had noticed 3 new unapproved charges on my Credit Card statement. One for AAA Security $520. & one from Portillo Enterprises for $473, and one for $597 for Miller Services. He said those were legitimate charges from his company and I would receive $30,450 for my rental fees. By Jan., 6 I still had received no money, so called him back. He hung up on me, and I have never been able to talk to anyone in Management since then. Always hang up on me.. I demand I have been charged a total of $2,386 for this deal. I would like to have $30,400 promised me, but would settle for the amount I invested.. Stay away

  • #Tanya|Project Manager
  • #Ruth Wells |President

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