DO NOT BE DECIEVED!!! DIMEO IS A SCAM ARTIST!!! | Mr. DiMeo has been very busy the past 48 hours raising his 1 star to 3.3 stars on Google with fake positive reviews. | DO NOT BUY FROM ANTHONY DIMEO AT DIMEO FARMS! | I, like many others, made the terrible mistake of giving DiMeo Farms the benefit of doubt after visiting his website. Unfortunately, I didn’t take enough time reading the hundreds of negative reviews from people all over the country who have been ripped off by him or have been verbally assaulted by Anthony DiMeo personally. | RED FLAG #1: DiMeo does not take credit cards. Only CASH or CHECK. Even online orders that are shipped have to be paid for by check. | RED FLAG #2: You will NEVER get a receipt. EVER. | RED FLAG #3: Mr. DiMeo very rarely, if ever, will come out of his garage and speak to you. He will yell and scream at you out of one of the windows. | RED FLAG #4: None of his blueberries are labelled, so you don’t know what you are buying. | RED FLAG #5: Mr. DiMeo records and videotapes you in his driveway. I called to ask him about his blueberries because no one was there to answer my questions. He immediately informed me that our coversation was being recorded and that I was being videotaped and that he could see me in my truck. MAJOR RED FLAG!!!! | RED FLAG #6: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ASK HIM ABOUT BLUEBERRIES! After trying ask him about his blueberries, he abruptly interrupted me and started verbally abusing me calling me "stupid" because I had to ask about his blueberries and that I was "too stupid" to buy his blueberries and demanded I keep my money and leave and then hung up on me. (He even treated Girl Scouts this way! – I’m dead serious! Read the reviews.) | WORD TO THE WISE: DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON DIMEO!! | Read ALL the reviews on Google, Yelp!, BBB,,, and anywhere else people have reviewed this guy. | Even individuals have dedicated entire pages of their experience with DiMeo, like this lady, | I have left my reviews, along with reporting him to the NJ Consumer Affairs Bureau. I will also be taking further steps to have this business fully investigated. | If you decide to go, go prepared. Bring CASH and make sure you record EVERYTHING. I’m telling you, this guy is The Blueberry Nazi of New Jersey.



Country: United States

State: New Jersey

City: Hammonton

Address: 3101 Nesco Road

Phone: (609) 561-5905