Re-posting again! We were one of the many victims Donald Berry and his business have taken money from and lied to about getting a custom built hot tub. We purchased from him in July of 2012 after many months of delays, rebuilds due to leaks, and how much money HE was losing (MEANING I was going to lose) He tried to play the feel sorry for me… I have to rebuild it at cost to me…poor me… not anyone else. Then when we threatened with law enforcement he decided to refer us to his bankruptcy attorney. Tileman. Who by the way when we last talked to that attorney he had not officially acquired yet… We have contacted Federal, KS State, CA state, FCC, IRC, and Postal authorities to bring down the thunder on this a$$hole for the amount of theft he has taken from us and our friend ( at the tune of almost $8,000.00) If you too have been cheated by him, Please feel free to contact us @ [email protected] to consider a class action suit.. we know of another person in MO. who has had similar luck. Lets not let this snake in the grass get by with doing it over and over again. Oh and his ebay feedback was purchased…not earned…. Yea sad isn’t it??? He is still operating his hot tub website as well as his Art business to sell art, even though his business license was pulled last year for that business… Could that also be because of fraud? Who knows… But stay clear of any business of his.

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