Scammed me out of my money


My Complaint: I received an e-mail from Eastview Lending stating that I was approved for a $5,000.00 loan. I called them to make the arrangements for the loan to be transferred and was told that I would have to pay them $484.00 and moneygram it to someone in Canada and also send it fast cash. I did what was asked and with a very bad gut instinct left the moneygram place and went home. By 8am the next morning I was to have the $5,000.00 in my account, at no surprise it wasn’t there. I called back and was transferred to Emily who then proceeded to tell me that I needed to give them another $780.00 and then they would process my loan. I told her that was BS and she needed to send me back my cash. They told me that it would take 30 business days and it would have to go through their England office. Now when I try to contact them, it rings as a busy signal.


My Demand: I want my money back $484.00 plus $5.00 fee for sending it to Canada.