Complaint: David Charles Beal operated under the business Empire Pools and Construction. He claimed to be insured and liscensed. He also represented the company as an LLC. He guaranteed his work with a 5 year warranty and complete satisfaction showing numerous examples of work. He took payment and left job incomplete. I have been communicating with him since early February constantly trying to get the work I paid for. He always made excuses about how busy he was, the weather disabling him from working and the inability to obtain concrete. After rescheduling work over 15 times he disconnected phone (5/5/14) and website(4/24/14). He left trash on my property and a half complete patio. He violated nearly every clause outlined in the contract. As a person, he is hard to communicate with because of his severe stutter. What makes it worse is the consistant narcissistic dialogue. He constantly cited his attention to detail while showing pictures of other peoples work attempting to pass it off as hos own. He always made time to gloat about how much money he made on questionable ventures. He even bragged about running a puppy mill at one point. He claims to have completed over 4000 jobs with only 3 complaints ever. I have found that he rents his property at 30207 Turriff Magnolia, Texas USA located just off of FM 2978 to firework stands. He claims to have recently purchased a new lake house and boats ect. At one point he showed up to my house in what I am lead to assume is a stolen flatbed dodge truck which had to be hotwired to start as an added bonus, it leaked oil in front of my new house. After researching this swindler I found the truck for sale on craigslist under his phone number. (see link) I found his criminal record in Kentucky and Texas to be quite extensive. Since he is a felon he will not be that hard to find and should not be legally allowed to leave Texas. I am filing a case with the district attorney (713)755-5386 and I encourage others to do the same. More reports on file make it easier for a Criminal suit to be brought against David Charles Beal for serial fraud and theft. It is free to file. In addition to the civil and criminal cases I intend on initiating, he is also comitting tax fraud since he is unlikely to claim the funds stolen from hard working individuals. David Charles Beall is a lowlife stammering scumbag and I hope all the bad things in life happen to him.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 30207 Turriff Magnolia, Texas USA


Phone: 281-685-1398