EU Natural has a bait and switch gimmick where they offer a discount and when you put the promo in the checkout procedure is unclear. It mentions the promo number you have and seems to indicate for your reduced price it is showing it will also throw in a membership. There is no other option but to take what looks like th eprice you just settled on on the previous screen. After I bought it showed they had doubled the price. I complained immediaely and wrote several letters. Dave had this worthless song and dance. Oh it goes out of the warehouse immediately and I can give you 25% off.

No, I want my money back and I wont ever come back to be ripped off by you again. Oh, he said when it gets to you mail it back. No that is not my responsibility. I thought I got a discount with a promo you were advertising, not paying more than double to get more of the product I bought. I know how much of the product I want to buy without you forcing some on me through trickery of website design. I hope others out there will boycott this dishonest company. I have spoken with licensing for Henderson Nevada where “Dave” (last name not listed anywhere) says he operates out of and expect to be hearing back from them soon.

Country United States
State Nevada
City Henderson
Address 2654 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Ste B5-93