Very long story short: ordered a peace lily on Saturday to be delivered to a co-worker on Sunday as a sympathy gift. Never arrived. Never told me it wasn’t delivered. Contacted the company Monday, they gave me a line of bull but again did not deliver. I contacted again Tuesday, they gave me more bull, only offered to refund the $4.99 surcharge I had paid for Sunday delivery(!), I refused and told them to refund everything, and from there it was as if they had not read the email string, it was always that it would be delivered at some later time but they only replied to my emails after business hours and then said that although I contacted at 1:30pm for instance they were unable to reach the florist as it was now almost 7pm etc. Their absolute refusal to refund my money despite no goods or services being delivered is outright fraud. I am disputing the charge with my credit card company. At the very least I hope they have to pay chargeback fees along with having to fork over the amount of my refund to their merchant bank. Dispicable company.

Internet, Connecticut United States of America