Complaint: Just like all the complaints in Yelp and BBB. , I believe is scamming the people without any intention to improve their quality of food or service. Erik, the owner, associated with some ponzi scheme in which how was funded. (watch the TV show, The Profit) As you watch the show, you will see how he is trying to make money off of the recent trend in food delivery, the social media. So what does he do (with so-called his marketing staff) ? Make a subscription deal in Groupon and LivingSocial. What thousands of people didn’t know was that he hid the confusing terms in a hidden corner of the webpage that you would be billed weekly unless you cancel it manually. And it takes 8 days to cancel. This means you are automatically billed whether you want the order or not. And boy, how confusing and hard it was to cancel !! Erik certainly put his great effort to make his website terms as confusing as he can to trick the people into making them stay as long as possible. This was during the summer of 2015. According to the latest claim from Erik, Erik says the term is written so bold and clear that it is the customer’s fault that they didn’t read it. Now, if you look at the Groupon and LivingSocial deal pages (BTW, both Groupon and LivingSocial dropped Fuelfood deal like a hot potato as so many people complained as a scam), yes, now there is a clear term and condition. What he is not telling is that the terms and conditions in website, Groupon/LivingSocial had been changing and been modified constantly ever since all the rages were bombarding the social media (Yelp, YouTube, BBB, etc) from the people who bought the Groupon/Livingsocial deals. In the beginning when people bought the deals (May/June 2015), there were no clear terms in Groupon/Livingsocial. Once thousands of people signed up, they started ordering the food throughout the summer and the fall of 2015. Lo and behold, now you were entering into the devil’s toilet by giving your credit card number. And everyone who fell for the scam started to report in the social media. Hence, the local newspaper is now starting to report on And now Erik is defending himself with his so-called evidence-in-the-website fine prints and saying you are the stupid who didn’t read the fine prints. Was it worth it ? Erik ? Just like, was it worth it that you agreed to make the TV show, The Profit ? According to Erik is saying it wasn’t worth it to post the deal in Groupon/LivingSocial as he didn’t make the money through it. But he never says anything about whether his reputation being ruined for so-obvious scam he was pulling. Sad.. Erik, it isn’t too late. Refund all the money. Yes even if you bankrupt. This is the only way for people to start praising you positively. And believe me, once people start praising you in the social media, it will go big. This is how you can make successful and/or if you were to make another business and need a funding in the future, you will need your positive reputation. Now, you have the choice to ignore the advice. But if you continue in the trail you have been walking on, don’t be surprised that one day you will be legally prosecuted and put into a jail for something stupid and by someone you trust.

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