My partner and I recently got engaged. We spent a lot of time visiting numerous stores but were unable to find what I wanted within our budget. I looked online and found GemsNY who had an excellent range of emeralds and all the reviews I checked were good. Based on the reviews I read I felt sufficiently confident to buy my ring from their website. I ordered an 18K yellow gold ring with a 0.61 Cts Colombian Emerald and two diamonds approximately 0.64cts in total. My ring was sent to me via FedEx alhough GemsNY did not provide a Commercial Invoice so it was held up for a number of days in customs until I contacted them, provided them with the description and value and paid the import tax. Eventually I received my ring. The emerald was lovely and the diamonds were bigger than I was expecing. The setting was obviously from a moulding and had not been completely tidyed up when setting the stones so there were some excess pieces of metal. I immediately sent the ring to a jewellery valuer certified by the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (Australia). A week later the ring came back with the official valuation. The ring that I actually got was 18K yellow gold with two diamonds approximately 0.54cts in total and a SYNTHETIC VARIETY HYDROTHERMAL Emerald! The accompanying paperwork from GemsNY claims the emerald is Colombian. I paid $800 for the emerald alone but it is not worth more than $200 as a synthetic emerald. I have emailed GemsNY to ask why they are selling synthetic stones as natural Colombian Emeralds but have not yet had a response.

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